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Smash Your Goals with the Power of Gamification

Gamify your digital fundraising platform and the giving experience by utilizing campaign pages to rally your donors around the causes they’re most passionate about. Set challenges and drive healthy competition using heatmaps, giving thermometers, animated leaderboards, matching funds, and more.

Widen Your Reach & Gain More Donors

Amplify your outreach with a scheduling tool and advanced segmentation to ensure you send exactly the right message to the right donor every time. Empower your ambassadors to quickly receive unique referral links and easily share your campaigns with their networks.

Fully Customizable & Flexible Design

Upgrade your donation platform and amplify your outreach with completely custom web pages and email templates designed to showcase your brand. Create a unique digital experience with a simple, yet powerful, content management system, enabling you to deliver an impactful story with stunning visuals.

Efficient Payment Processing

Use the payment processor of your choice with 150+ different options, including popular mobile wallets like Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more, while keeping your donors on the giving site with a central payment form. You’ll never be charged additional fees or experience fund deposit delays. Plus, reconciling gifts will be faster than ever.

Advanced Tracking & Analytics

Unique appeal and referral tracking links make it easy to measure your success and optimize campaigns. You can immediately see full constituency-based donation data and understand which digital marketing channels are most effective. Further analyze your results in a powerful, customizable dashboard, and easily share reports with your team.

Effectively Manage Your Volunteers

Easily turn your passionate supporters into volunteers, and automate your constituent assignment and strategic campaign outreach. Provide ambassadors with the tools they need to recruit and engage their peers. Optimize your volunteer management and use real-time leader boards to recognize high performers and create friendly competition to help reach your engagement, and fundraising goals.

Extend Your Team

Dedicated implementation and account managers will guide and support you through every step of your campaign to ensure success. Leverage proprietary tools such an Appeals Reference Library and Benchmarking Reports, while learning best practices from our community of 2,000+ customers and our diverse thought leadership forums.


100% customized to your brand and needs


Integrates with your payment processor


Transparent payment with simple flat fee


Inside Columbia’s World-Class Giving Day

Columbia University shares insider secrets into their world class Giving Day raising $22 million+ in 2019 and how they are planning for their upcoming Giving Day with COVID-19 constraints.


How To Smash Your Fundraising Targets During COVID-19

More than ever, schools are struggling to meet their budgets and are dependent on fundraising funds to provide top level education to their constituents and support their communities.

Case Study

Upgrade Your Fundraising Campaign and Increase Your Donations By 983%

With the hype surrounding Giving Days worldwide, schools across Canada are beginning to hop on the fundraising trend. For Giving Tuesday 2020, Brentwood College School leaped right in and partnered with Graduway, bringing in 983% more donations than for their 2019 email campaign.


The Comprehensive Handbook for Running a Giving Day

Whether you’re considering planning your first Giving Day or you’re a Giving Day veteran, this handbook will take you through every step of the planning process up to the day after to support your fundraising efforts.

Case Study

Vanguard University Giving Day 2020

Vanguard University used Graduway for their very first Giving Day in 2020. They understood that the traditional methods of fundraising were declining and began to explore hosting a Giving Day with Graduway.


How to Smash Your Fundraising Targets During COVID-19

Rice, Rutgers and Tulane universities understood the importance of bringing their communities together and celebrating the collective impact of giving. They were also able to smash their targets, raising $1million+ respectively!

Case Study

Florida Institute of Technology, Giving Day 2020

Florida Tech used Graduway for the very first time in 2020. They wanted something completely different – something interactive and fun – so they turned their site into a gaming arena and managed to smash their goals.


Engage Me Before You Hit Me Up For A Donation

If you’re hitting your alumni up for help after not having engaged with them for months, they are probably unengaged. They’ve long lost pride in their alma mater and you’re betting on nostalgia at this point. But it takes more than that to make someone open their wallet to you.


Higher-Ed: COVID-19, To Fundraise or Not to Fundraise?

University of Chicago, University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin, and Gravyty, discuss how some of the top schools are tackling the challenge of fundraising during the crisis.


Giving Day 101: Secrets to Successful Digital Fundraising

Learn how similar institutions have increased their number of donors and funds raised despite the challenges they are facing in today’s world.


K-12: COVID-19, To Fundraise or Not to Fundraise?

Oakwood School, Delbarton School, The Bermuda High School, Denver Jewish Day School and The Taft School, discuss how K12s are tackling the challenge of fundraising during the crisis.

Case Study

Connecting Fundraising To Your Mission, The InvestED Story

Joyce Walters, Executive Director, InvestED, shares how they raised $1.1 million through their digital fundraising campaign for those in most desperate need during COVID-19.

Case Study

Birmingham-Southern College - Running a Giving Day in the Midst of COVID-19

The Director of Annual Giving at Birmingham-Southern College, guides us through the challenges and successes of Forward Ever Day, with key takeaways for anyone wishing to run their own fundraising campaigns during COVID-19.


How to Increase Giving Day Donor Participation by 178%

With a 178% increase in donor participation during COVID-19, Delbarton School, Roman Catholic School and The Taft School will be sharing insights into what drives a successful Giving Day outcomes.